How to generate random shared access codes

The IPERA Guest Engagement platform supports Shared Access Codes that can be shared with visitors (end-users) to connect to the Wi-Fi

Two methods are used across different venues:

1. Generating human readable shared access codes

This method is commonly used in F&B and Retail industry. It is easy to communicate with end-users. It is possible to generate codes for daily, weekly, monthly or annual use


Example codes:

  • bestpizza03 - 03 may indicate current month (e.g.: May) or number of years in business
  • organiccoffee 
  • fashion2017 
  • denverdenim
  • texas-ribs 


2. Generating complex random shared access codes

This method is common in convention centers, hospitality, healthcare, enterprises, and public sector. A bulk number of messages are shared with the reception to share with end-users.

In order to generate complex random shared access codes, it is suggested to generate random codes from MS-Excel using DEC2HEX() function along with expiry date for a period (month or year).

Once all random codes are generated in MS-Excel, it is recommended to;

  • Select the entire column that has generated codes and Copy all of them. Use Paste as Value to avoid to re-generating codes every time you make a modification in the MS-Excel sheet
  • Make sure that you don't have duplicate codes by using Conditional Formatting function in Excel

 Once all codes are shared, those codes should be generated in the IPERA platform


Example usage:

DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0, 2^32 - 1), 8)


Example codes:







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