How to generate random shared access codes

The IPERA Guest Engagement platform supports Shared Access Codes that can be shared with visitors (end-users) to connect to the Wi-Fi

Two methods are used across different venues:

1. Generating human readable shared access codes

This method is commonly used in F&B and Retail industry. It is easy to communicate with end-users. It is possible to generate codes for daily, weekly, monthly or annual use


Example codes:

  • bestpizza03 - 03 may indicate current month (e.g.: May) or number of years in business
  • organiccoffee 
  • fashion2017 
  • denverdenim
  • texas-ribs 


2. Generating complex random shared access codes

This method is common in convention centers, hospitality, healthcare, enterprises and public sector. A bulk number of messages are shared with reception to share with end-users.

In order to generate complex random shared access codes, it is suggested to generate random codes from MS-Excel using DEC2HEX() function along with expiry date for a period (month or year).

Once all random codes are generated in MS-Excel, it is recommended to;

  • Select entire column that has generated codes and Copy all of them. Use Paste as Value to avoid to re-generating codes every time you make a modification in the MS-Excel sheet
  • Make sure that you don't have duplicate codes by using Conditional Formatting function in Excel

 Once all codes are shared, those codes should be generated in IPERA platform


Example usage:

DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0, 2^32 - 1), 8)


Example codes:







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