How to Import Cisco CMX Reference Data Manually


Cisco Systems Connected Mobility Experience (CMX) is a location-engine platform that IPERA utilizes as a source for Starling Location-based Analytics. If venue map, zones and Access Points are already configured on Cisco CMX, then it is possible for Starling to import this reference data into the Starling portal. This guide shows how to import Cisco CMX reference information data including campus, buildings, floor maps, zones into Starling portal.

 Steps to Import CMX Data Manually 

  1. Download postman application for your OS from

  2. Install and launch postman (No registration needed, you can skip login or registration steps)

  3. From the 'File' menu, click 'Settings'. In the 'General' tab, turn off the 'SSL certificate verification' option

  4. Choose Authorization type as 'Basic Auth' and enter your CMX username and password into 'Username' and 'Password' fields

  5. Send a request to https://<cmx-server-ip>/api/config/v1/maps

  6. Copy and save the response in a text file

  7. Send a request to https://<cmx-server- ip>/api/config/v1/heterarchy/allUserLevels?filterElements=false

  8. Copy and save the response in a text file

  9. Share those files with IPERA Support Engineer