Communication Suite 2.8 Release Notes

Please check out what’s new below and let us know if you have questions. If you find a bug report it through our Support Center through


  • Single sign-on through Active Directory credentials
  • Reports access permission through User's Active Directory Title. Example: any user that holds "Manager" will be able to see department reports
  • Previous version required popup blocker to be disabled on Browser. This is no longer a requirement
  • Flash files are replaced with PNG/JPG files from the user interface due to security policies in some bank customers 
  • Customers can now upload their logo for branding


  • Export to PDF option is now available 
  • Automated users monthly reports through report link / excel or PDF
  • Transferred / forwarded calls - final called extension number is made visible in the same report line 


  • Integration with SESTEK Call Recorder 
  • Integration with HRMS systems through API
  • Integration with Hotel Property Management Systems through FIAS protocol