How to Enable Deferred Login


Most Android mobile devices don't show post-login marketing page. Once Internet is available, the Wi-Fi login popup closes and end-user is connected to Wi-Fi. However she/he does not see the post-login marketing page.  Similarly when smart-login option is enabled, the end-user does not see any page at all since the pre-login page is not displayed. Device is automatically connected to Internet

Deferred Login option is used to add a further step after completing the end-user registration or when smart login is enabled. It helps marketing managers to provide a Welcome page with marketing information and a button for end-user to click & connect to the Internet. Usually a copy of post-login page is customized for this purpose.  

Enable Deferred Login 

To go to the Deferred Login option select Management > Settings > Advanced 


Check the Deferred Login which is available under the Misc

Create Splash Page to Use Deferred Login

To create splash page select Internet > Splash Pages and click on  button. 

Create the splash page as per your requirement and add a button to connect to the internet. Add the following codes to the JavaScript tab. A waitsecond variable is defined to enter the time in seconds that close the post-login page.  

It is important to note that this HTML code uses btn-connect. This will need to be changed as per the defined button ID 


Create On-boarding Rule to Redirect Users to Deferred Login Splash Page  

At last on-boarding rule needs to be created to redirect users to the deferred login splash page. To create on-boarding rule select Internet > Onboarding Rules and click on  button. Configure the following parameters in the new rule and save it.