Mailchimp Connector


In addition to Starling built-in Guest Wi-Fi APIs, Starling Guest Wi-Fi platform now integrates with external customer relationships management (CRM) and E-mailing systems for better customer engagement. In the current version of Starling platform, MailChimp Connector is available to synchronize the guest list from Starling to list in MailChimp. The system will post the guest list into the MailChimp.

Enable MailChimp Integration 

To enable the MailChimp integration, it is required to configure the API Key in the IPERA Starling. About API Keys.

To do that, select settings> E-Mail > MailChimp and insert the API Key.



Create Email Service

To create a new email service or to see the list of existing email services select Management > E-Mail services.

Click on  for more options on email service as below.


To add a new service click on 


  • Title: Name of the Email Service
  • Report: Select a report that is saved from Advanced Reports 
  • Service: Service to be used (MailChimp)
  • Reference List ID: Select the list in MailChimp to sync the data


After completing the all required fields click on  to create the new service.