Starling Guest Wi-Fi Analytics & Marketing v2.15 Relese Notes

Here you will find what is new in Starling Guest Wi-Fi, Analytics and Marketing platform. Let us know what you think or report an issue to our Support Center anytime through

 New Features

  • Onboarding Rules
    Guest journey and experience is made easier by enabling Onboarding Rules. It is possible to segment visitors based on their behavior and interaction with your venue, and take an automated action accordingly. Examples: show a special VIP voucher for loyal customers,  allocate lower bandwidth or restricted Wi-Fi policy for employees/tenants, promote a service/product based on customer preferences (e.g.: Customers have iPhone 8 are offered with iPhone X)


  • Location Analytics
    Location Analytics including Presence, Heatmap / Footfall and Path Analytics is integrated with multiple Wi-Fi and Beacon platforms including Cisco CMX, Meraki CMX, Aruba ALE and BLE Beacons


  • Location Performance
    Location Performance is a custom report that shows KPIs in three categories; Wi-Fi Service Analytics (new customers, connections, impressions, etc.), User Analytics (% of Male, Female, Laptop users, smartphone users, etc.) and Presence Analytics (capture rate, footfall visitors)


  • Vendor Ecosystem
  • Huawei AC6605 Wi-Fi Access Controller 


 Software Changes

  • No software changes recorded within this release


Bug Fixed

  • No bug fixes recorded in this release