How to show message for Macbook MAC OS users to use Safari instead of CNA popup


When MacBook users trying to connect to the Guest Wi-Fi, a popup browser called Captive Network Assistant (CNA) opens which has limitations and effects user experience. As an alternative solution, IPERA suggests defining a journey rule through Onboarding Rules menu that shows a message to those customers to use Safari, Chrome or any other browser for a better experience


Create "MAC OS X" Onboarding Rule

Create the following Onboarding Rule to show a warning message on the CNA browser to Macbook MAC OS users to open their default browser to access the internet. This can be done by redirecting Macbook MAC OS users to a predefined splash page which contain the customized warning message 

Following image shows a sample splash page that Macbook MAC OS users see when the above Onboarding Rule has been defined in the system