Advanced Reports


Advanced Reports (also called as Custom Reports) provides an opportunity to build custom reports by combining end-user demographics information along with Wi-Fi platform data, guest activities and guest interaction with your venue. 

Advanced Reports has options like filtering data, adding/removing columns, segmenting end-users and exporting the data

To view Advanced Reports, select Reports & Analytics > Advanced Reports    


Add Filters 

You can add report filters by clicking on the  button 

Select the column that filter needs to be applied

Sect the condition that that needs to be applied. Conditions are based on the selected filters

Define the parameter that needs to filter

You may add multiple filters by clicking on Add button

Click on  button to apply the filter

Click on  to clear the filter


Advanced Report Manager

Click on  button to open Advance Report Manager

  • Saving New Report: After entering report title and selecting New from Target Report field you can click on the Save button to save the report
  • Replacing Existing Report: After entering the report title and select an existing report from Target Report you can click on the Save button to replace your existing report
  • Loading a Saved Report: After selecting the existing report from the Target Report, you can click on the Load button to load an existing report
  • Deleting a Report: After selecting an existing report from the Target Report field, you can click on the Delete button to delete the report permanently 


Show/Hide Columns

In order to show or hide columns, you can click on the  button at the right top of your screen


Segment Binder

More information about Guest Segmentation can be found here

Segment Binder can be accessed through   button

  • Binding a New Segment: After filtering guest records, you can select the segment from Segment Binder window click on the Add button
  • Removing an Existing Segment: In order to remove existing segment tag from all end-user records, you can define the segment name in the report filters and open Segment Binder, select the segment tag name and click on the Remove button


Report Export 

You can export reports by clicking on the   button. Reports can be exported in CSV or Microsoft Excel file formats