Guest Analytics


Guest Analytics shows detail analytics on guest Wi-Fi service used by the end-users. This analytic is based on Traffic, Demographics or Preferences.

To view Guest Analytics, select Reports> Guest Analytics


Guest Analytics Overview provides a snapshot of a venue for a time period

  • Max. Online: Max. number of online users for the selected period and location
  • Impressions: Total number of page impressions (both Pre-login and Post-login pages)
  • Total Logins: Total number of successful Wi-Fi logins for the selected period and location
  • Unique Logins: Total number of unique Wi-Fi logins for the selected period and location



Guest Traffic Analytics tab shows the analytics details of internet traffic for a data range and location

Online Guests: Total number of Wi-Fi on a 24-hours graphic for the selected time period and location

Connection Frequency: Frequency of Wi-Fi logins the selected period and location



Guest Demographics section shows the analytics details for demographics of end-users for a date range and location. Information presented here is Gender, Age-group, Nationality, and Country of Residence. Please note that Nationality information should be enabled through registration for on Splash Pages. Country of Residency can be enabled through a custom field on Splash Page if required



Guest Preferences Analytics shows the preferences of end-users for a period of time such as login type, mobile device model, operating system, etc.