Onboarding Rules


IPERA Guest Wi-Fi Onbarding Rules helps Marketing and IT Operations leaders to define Guest Wi-Fi journey rules. Rules can be used for marketing purposes to engage with customers during the Guest Wi-Fi onboarding process. They can also be utilized for ease of IT operations to avoid staff consuming high Wi-Fi service bandwidth 

Rules can be defined for different devices, browsers, location, etc.

To manage Journey Rules, select Internet > Onboarding Rules menu



Creating a new Onboarding Rule

Click on the  add button.

  • Name: Name of the rule
  • Action: Action to be executed when this rule conditions are met during Guest Wi-Fi onboarding process
    • Redirect to URL: Guest device is redirected to a specific URL for marketing purpose
    • Redirect to splash page: Redirect user to defined splash page 
    • Set service profile: Apply a service profile policy for specific end-user devices
  • Condition: Define the condition to be applied for action to be executed


Onboarding Rules Use-cases

Following are some use-cases are applied with Journey Rules by IPERA partners

  1. A promotion that only applies to customers have birthday today
  2. Display Survey questions for 2nd time visitors
  3. Request customers to like / follow your brand on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
  4. Avoid customers to use Laptop / Desktop for longer hours in a cafe / restaurant
  5. Avoid Tenants or Staff to consume Internet bandwidth 
  6. When connecting using MAC OS, show a message to customers to use Safari or Chrome instead of built-in Captive Network Assistant (CNA) browser due to CNA browser limitations. See how to set up an Onboarding Rule