Onboarding Rules


IPERA Guest Wi-Fi Onboarding Rules helps Marketing and IT Operations teams to define guest journey when visiting their venue. Rules can be used for marketing purposes to engage with customers during the Wi-Fi onboarding process. They can also be utilized for ease of IT operations to allocate bandwidth and service profile for different user segments.

Rules can be defined for different devices, browsers, location, etc.

To manage Journey Rules, select Internet > Onboarding Rules menu


Create a new Onboarding Rule

Click on the  add button.


  • Name: Name of the rule
  • Action: Action to be executed when this rule conditions are met during the Guest Wi-Fi onboarding process
    • Redirect to URL: After successful authentication, guest device is redirected to a specific URL for marketing purpose based on the rule conditions
    • Redirect to splash page: After successful authentication, guest device is redirected a specific online splash page (a.k.a: post-login) based on the rule conditions
    • Set service profile: During the authentication process, system applies a specific service policy to  guest device (high/low bandwidth, duration, etc.) based on the rule conditions
  • Condition: Conditions are parameters for the rule to be executed

 Following is the list of conditions that can be added


How to Define Room Number

Room number can be defined individually or as a range. 

Example-1: Room numbers from 101 to 110 can be defined as a range as below using Dash symbol ( - ) 


Example-2: Room numbers can be defined individually as below using Comma symbol ( , ) 


Example-3: Room numbers can be defined as a range with Dash symbol ( - ) and as individual rooms with Comma symbbol ( , )



Add "OR" Between Conditions 

The OR operator is used when either of the conditions will be applicable



Onboarding Rules Use-cases

Following are some use-cases examples to illustrate about how to design guest wi-fi journey rules

1. A promotion that only applies to customers have a birthday within this week


2. Provide higher bandwidth to the VIP Guests


 3. Avoid Tenants or Staff to consume Internet bandwidth


4. When connecting using MAC OS, show a message to customers to use Safari or Chrome instead of built-in Captive Network Assistant (CNA) browser due to CNA browser limitations.



5. Show post login page to the Android users where by default Android users don't see the post login page. It is due to the reason for the behavior of the Android that closes the pop-up page after connecting to the internet