Splash Ads


Splash Ads are basic promotional advertisements that can be inserted into the Splash Page. Splash Ads are available in image or text format.

To open Splash Ads select Engage > Splash Ads

Click on to get the following options for the existing Splash Ads 

  • Edit: Edit the selected advertisement
  • Performance: Check the performance of the advertisement
  • Publish/Unpublish: Publish if the advertisement is not published to be active or unpublish to deactivate the advertisement
  • Delete: Delete the advertisement permanently


Create Splash Advertisement

 In order to add a Splash Ad click the  button


Title: Name of the Splash Advertisement

Type: Type of Splash Advertisement (Text/Image)

  • Text: Text to be displayed in the advertisement
  • Image: To upload the image for Splash Advertisement 

URL: Link to be redirected if the end user clicks on the Splash Advertisement

Method: The method that the Splash Ad visibility will be decided

  • Time: Splash Ad will be visible for the defined date range in the Date
  • Impression: Splash Ad will be visible until the number of impressions that defined in the Condition
  • Clicks: Splash Ad will be visible until the number of clicks that defined in the Condition 

Status: Draft or Published

Finally, in order to publish the campaign click on the  button.

Performance of the Splash Ads

To check the performance of the Splash Ads select Performance option from the options menu of the Splash Ad

Select the date range that performance needs to be shown

Click on  to change the graph style (Bar/Column/Line/Spline/Scatter)

Click on  to export the data


Click here to see about how to add splash ads to splash page