Generate Wi-Fi Access Codes / PIN Codes / Voucher Code

Access Codes (PIN Codes or Vouchers) are passcodes that end-users need to obtain to gain access to the internet using the Starling system.

To see the existing list of access codes, select Internet > Access Codes

Click on the  button to generate the new Access Code.

Fill all necessary details and click Create button to create a new access code.

  • Location: Venue where Access Codes is going to be active
  • Service Profile: Service profile to be used for Guest Access Code
  • Type: Single use or shared                

          Single use: Access Code can be used by a single guest (only one time)

          Shared: Access Codes can be used by multiple guests

  • Quantity: Number of access codes to be created
  • Start Date: The starting date of the Access Code/s
  • Expiry Date: The expiry date of the Access Code/s
  • Description: Details about the Access Code/s