Splash Pages / Login Pages


The Splash Page is the web portal where the end-user will be redirected, after connecting to the IPERA Starling system.  There are two types of Splash pages;

  • Pre-Login page -  This is the first page appears when end-user connects to the Wi-Fi with venue branding and Wi-Fi login options including
  • Post-Login page - The Post-login page is your marketing page where you provide your offers or ask end-users to Like / Follow your business. 

To open the list of splash portals, select Internet > Splash Pages

Click on the  icon to get the following options menu on each page 

To create a new splash portal, click on the  button.

It is possible to share the page link with another person to ask their feedback through the button

Splash Page Components

  • HTML Tab - This is where the page HTML code is defined and linked to other sources such as images, JavaScript and CSS files
  • Custom CSS Tab - HTML code calls Custom CSS in the background. Any custom styling that is required to perform on your page design should be defined here such as skin colors, etc.
  • JavaScript Tab - This is an optional tab for advanced JavaScript requirements that might be required 
  • Preview Tab - After competing your HTML page, you may want to preview it before publishing it. It is also possible to share the preview page link with another person to ask their feedback using  button


Preview Splash Portal in Different Devices

Once the design phase is completed go to the preview tab to preview the page. Click on the button to preview the page in a new tab. Following buttons are available in the preview page to see how the page will be displayed in different devices or to close the options bar.