Guest Reports


IPERA Guest Wi-Fi, Analytics, and Marketing platform provides in-depth reports and analysis through using end-user profile information, Wi-Fi platform connection, sessions as well as location-based data 

To view reports, select Reports & Analytics> click on the required report

Guest Summary

This report shows the summary of end-user records


Records can be filtered by following criteria. To apply a filter you can select the filters and then click on  button 

  • Location: The venue/location where the Wi-Fi Service was last used by end-user 
  • Guest Name: Name of the end-user
  • Email: Email address of the end-user
  • Phone: Mobile number of end-user
  • Nationality: The nationality of the end-user
  • Passport Number: Passport number of the end-user
  • Gender: The gender of the end-user
  • Connection Status: Connection status (Online/Offline) of the end-user
  • Last Connection Time: What is the last connection time


Guest Connection

This report shows the end-user Wi-Fi connections history 


Records can be filtered by the following criteria. To apply a filter you can select the filters and then click on the  button

  • Location: Location where the service was used
  • Guest Name: Name of the end-user
  • MAC Address: MAC address of the device that end-user used to connect
  • IP: IP address of the end-user device 
  • Access Code: The access code that end-user has used to authenticate
  • Login Type: End-user Wi-Fi login preference
  • Duration: Time duration that the end-user has been using Wi-Fi service
  • Download: The amount of data been consumed by the end-user devices 
  • Connection Status: Current Wi-Fi connection status  
  • Start Time: When the connection was established