Guests (end-users)

To manage your end-users, select Organization > Guests menu


Create a Guest

Click on  button

Fill guest details and click the Save  button


Find a Guest

From the filters above enter the required criteria (Ex. MAC address) then click the Search button List of matched guests appear, to view guest details click on the guest Name.


Guest Profile Information

 Profile tab shows the general information about the guest (end-user)


To edit the guest details, select the username then click on the Edit  button, update the required guest details as in adding new guest and click save button.

Connection Tab

Connection tab provides the Sessions information for each time the Guest used the service and the current connection status for each session.


Impression Tab

Impressions tab provides the impression information for each time the user has seen the pre-login page.

Device Tab

Devices tab provides the device information for each device the user has used to connect to the system.

Access Codes Tab

Access codes tab provides the access code information for each access code the user has used to connect to the system.

By clicking on the Generate button, the new access code can be created for the user.

Access Code will appear on the screen as a message box

After close the message box the code appears in the Access Codes list