Guests (end-users)

To manage your end-users, select Organization > Guests menu


Create a Guest

Click on  button


Fill guest details as follows and click the Save  button

  • Location: The Location where this guest is located.
  • Name: The name of the guest (includes first and last name)
  • Email: The Email of the guest
  • Birthday: The Birthday of the guest
  • Gender: The gender of the guest
  • Phone: The phone of the guest
  • Nationality: The nationality of the guest
  • Direct Login: Indicates if the guest can directly use the service without login

Find a Guest

From the filters above enter the required criteria (Ex. MAC address) then click the Search  button  List of matched guests appear, to view a guest details click on the guest Name.

Guest Profile Information


  • Connection Status: indicates if the guest is currently using the service
  • Username: Login Credentials that is used to connect to the service
  • Last Visit: Last time the service was used by that guest
  • Devices: List of devices details used by that guest
  • Access Codes: Access Codes assigned to that guest

Sessions Tab

Provides Sessions information for each time the Guest used the service and the current connection status for each session.

Edit Guest Details

Select the username then click on the Edit  button, update the required guest details as in adding new guest and click save button.

Generate Access Code for the Guest

Open guest details and click on New Code button

Access Code will appear on the screen as Message box

After close the message box the code appears in the Access Codes list