Enable System Access for Personnel

It is possible to allow Personnel, Branch managers or Department managers to access system and generate reports allowed within their permission


To enable access for personnel or managers, select Definitions > Personnel & Extension Definitions menu. 

Select Filter option to search for a specific Personnel to update or enable system access

  • Select Personnel Name or Extension from Parameter drop down menu
  • Enter personnel name or extension in the Value field
  • Select Filter button


Select Update button


Expand User Properties section, provide necessary information and click Save Changes button

  • User Name: Provide Personnel's domain login name here for user to login to the system (required)
  • Password: Password can be entered manually. If Active Directory integration is enabled, then remove password and enable check box next to it. In this case personnel can login to IPERA Communication Suite through single sign-on using their Active Directory credentials
  • Profile:  Select User from the list for Personnel to see only their call reports. Other profiles will have access to reports for department, site (branch) or company calls