Defining Personnel & Extensions Manually

You need to login with Administrator or Management credentials to define users & extensions.

Access Definitions section from the top tool box.


Select Personnel and Extension Definitions menu from the Definitions section 




Select Define New Personnel from the Control Panel section


Enter Personnel and Extension information and click Save Changes button


  • Name Surname: Personnel Full Name (required)
  • Title: Personnel Title (optional)
  • E-mail: E-mail address for system to send automated daily, weekly, monthly reports (optional)
  • Employee Record Number: Employee ID Number (optional) 
  • Number: Extension / Line Number (required)
  • Phone Type: Select Extension from the drop down menu
  • Record Update Date: This field determines from which date do you want to assign calls made from specified extension to the Personnel. Default is Do Not Update



If you need to allow Personnel to access system and see their call reports, refer to Enable System Access for Personnel section