Defining Business and Personal Numbers

Users are encouraged to define numbers that they call through company landline or company provided GSM numbers.

Defining numbers provide several benefits for users and organizations including

1. Users are able to access Phone Directory and search for any business contact created by their colleagues. 

2. Organization's Business Contacts directory is enhanced by time

3. Finance managers do not need to send manual emails or hard copy phone bills to users to highlight their personal calls. This process is automated

Important: Phone numbers that are defined under Private number will not be visible to any other user in the organization. Other users will only see the number, without the name associated by user for Private numbers

Any user can define number after logging in to Communication Suite.

Access Personal Assistant section and and click Undefined Phone No. link located at the Message Panel box.

In the Undefined Numbers screen (below), you see a list of numbers that are dialed by you previously. It is possible to select type of call from the drop down menu and enter a description.

Business Calls:  If the call is made for a business purpose, you select Company Phone-book option and enter a Description for this number. When defining Description, it is suggested to define contact name and her/his company name similar to the following format.

Example: Tim Tyler (IPERA)

Personal Calls: If a call was made for a personal reason, you select Private Phone-book option and provide a Description for your personal reference. This information is only visible to you. No other colleagues will see the Description provided for Private Phones directory

Once you have defined all numbers, you should click Save button.

Users are encouraged to perform this task every month defining all phones. 

Corporate Company Phone-book option is only useful for large holding companies that have multiple companies. For single-tenant installations users can select this option as well, which will provide the same result