Creating a New Report

Depending on what type of report you want to create and the target audience, there are many options available within Reporting Center section.

Here are a few key steps to follow to generate an Outgoing or Incoming call report

Access Reporting Center section and call any report from the following menu

  • Outgoing Calls Analysis: Provides a snapshot in charts, pies and bars to analyze outgoing calls. It is suggested for cost relate analytics. You may click any chart to drill down the report
  • Outgoing Calls Listing: Provides list based outgoing reports that can be exported to Excel and PDF
  • Incoming Calls Analysis: Provides a snapshot in charts, pies and bars to analyze incoming calls such as missed calls, number of calls answered, most called user, etc.
  • Incoming Calls Listing: Provides list based incoming reports that can be exported to Excel and PDF
  • Select a date from the Control Panel toolbox on the left side as shown below. If you need to select a custom date range, then you need to access Advanced Parameters section > Date / Time. It is possible to select Interval with a custom date-range there.


  • You may click on any chart or text you find on the report result for drill-down reports
  • Or else, you may access Advance Parameters section to set custom filters
  • If you have generated the report you would like, then you have a few options to save or share the report