Sharing Reports | Export Reports

It is possible to share a report with one of other colleagues through:

  • Exporting a report to Excel / PDF / CSV and send it through e-mail
  • Send at as an email through Control toolbox. This option requires Communication Suite integration with e-mail server


Exporting Report

Any text based report can be exported in Excel sheet from the Control Panel toolbox. Exporting feature is only applicable to text based reports.

Simply generate report, and click on Export This Report to Excel link under Control Panel toolbox


Sharing Report through E-mail

If the Communication Suite is integrated with e-mail server, then it is possible to share any report with other colleagues from the Control Panel toolbox. This feature is applicable for Text based reports only at the moment.

Here is how to share a report with others:

  • Specify a Description
  • Enter e-mail address you want to share the report with
  • Click on Export This Report to Excel link 

The report will be delivered in Excel format.



Availability: This feature comes with all editions