Reporting Center

By access Reporting Center section from the Reporting Center tab section it is possible to access all available reports. First report will come in a Dashboard style providing a holistic analysis overview about the Outgoing Calls for the current month. When accessing Reporting Center section, it is possible to see a report with charts displayed providing overall company analysis. This is the All Companies' Analysis report accessed under Outgoing Calls Analysis menu.


Drill-down Reports

Any chart or available on the graphic-based analysis reports is clickable. Without need to set manual filters, it is possible to click on any pie, bar or link to see the detail of that particular department, person or call. This feature provides powerful analysis and enables you to analyze the information easily by a few clicks. 


Reporting Date

It is possible to change the date interval from the Control Panel toolbox on the left side as displayed above. For easy use, we have created meaningful date intervals such as Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year and All Records. If you need a specific time interval, then you will need to click on the Advance Parameters section at the top of the screen. Click here to see more information about how to set parameters for any report within Advanced Parameters section


Add to Favorite Report

It is possible to add any report you selected to Favorite Reports. More information is here 


Add to Automatic Reports

It is possible to schedule a report to be sent to any user or users. More information is here