User Interface

After logged in successfully, users see the screen with three tabs;

  • Personal Assistant tab
  • Reporting Center tab
  • Customer Relations tab

Personal Assistant tab

This is the first page users see once they have successfully logged in. It displays their latest calls log including outgoing and incoming calls. Any user can define numbers called by them from the left-side bar by clicking on Undefined Numbers link. It is also possible to see a list of reports enabled to them in Favorite Reports section located at the bottom of the screen. Users can also search for an internal extension or external shared contact from the Phonebooks section at the bottom of the screen.


Reporting Center tab

Reporting Center section provides comprehensive reports. Depending on User’s credentials they can see information for their Reports as well as department and organization Reports. Please click here for detailed information about Reporting Center tab


Customer Relations tab

Using Customer Relations, organizations see the communication reports with their clients or partners. The customer information should be defined in the system from the Phonebooks link available at the Top-side bar to be able to generate customer related statistics and reports.



Topside toolbox

Topside Toolbox provides short link to commonly used tools and screens.

Phonebooks: Users can search contacts or define contacts information including internal corporate directory, external customers or partners directory. External contacts information provides basis for customer related reports in Customer Relations section. It allows monitoring customer based cost and service quality.

Definitions: Definitions section is accessed by authorized personnel only. They can update system parameters, manage users and extensions, manage tariff, check your license information, etc.

Report Shortcuts:  A list of your favorite reports are displayed here. In addition, division managers or finance managers can enable report links for other users which is also displayed here.



Control Panel toolbox

Control Panel toolbox is visible in most screens under Reporting Center and Customer Relations tabs. It is a dynamic tool providing different tools for different applications. When you are in Reporting Center section, it is possible to change the report date or report type as well as other tools such as Add to Favorite Reports or Add to Automatic Reports. Depending on report type, the options users see in Control Panel toolbox may be vary.



Other Pages toolbox

Other Pages toolbox is visible under Reporting Center and Customer Relations tabs when multiple report pages needs to be displayed. Users can navigate between pages from this toolbox.