Advanced Report Parameters

Advance Parameters is accessed from Reporting Center section. It is used to customize and filter your reports by specifying criteria for calls

It is possible to define any criteria or filtering option within this section to filter down the information you need. 


Report Filtering options

Organization: From this tab, it is possible to filter down the report based on company, site (branch), department and user. If you want to search for a specific user, enter their names from the People section

Date / Duration: It is possible to narrow down data range based on:

  • Date 
  • Hour Groups
  • Call Duration between two values in seconds

Type / Direction: Call Types are mainly defined in the following categories

  • Business Numbers: Numbers that are defined under Company Phonebook by users
  • Personnel: Calls to Company Personnel to their mobile number
  • Private / Personal Calls: Numbers that are defined as Personal number by users

Call Status: It is possible to search calls based on their status like missed calls, transfer calls and single calls


Call Direction: Call Directions are categorized according to telecom company bills like Mobile Calls, IDD (International), Short DistanceLocal calls, and Service Numbers

Country: Calls to a specific country

Cause Code: This feature is only applicable to Cisco Systems UC, providing reason for a call termination or call drops. More information about Cause Codes can be found here