Communication Suite 2.8 Modules and Features



Features Included

Basic Edition

Call Accounting, Reporting & Billing

  • Call Accounting & Billing supports over 400 reports (outbound, inbound and internal calls)
  • Cost allocation for individuals, departments and company
  • Monthly, weekly, daily detailed and summary reports
  • Most calling Numbers, Most called numbers, Top talkers reports
  • Single PBX / UC system support
  • Single Active Directory / LDAP integration

Standard Edition


Outgoing Call Analysis

  • Basic Edition features
  • Clickable / Drill-down Graphical Analysis Charts and Reports
  • Automated daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Call Center resource and skill-based reporting & analytics


Incoming Call Analysis

Automated Reports

Business Edition


Budget Manager

  • Standard Edition features
  • Call traffic analysis for users and user groups
  • Traffic utilization and analysis based on trunks, phone lines and remote branches
  • Multi PBX / UC system integration
  • Multiple user directory sources integration (Active Directory, LDAP, HRMS, ERP, Excel, etc.)
  • Posting to HRMS / ERP / Airport IB systems (optional)
  • Automated GSM call analysis and assignment through GSM operator bills
  • Budget allocation to landline and mobile line
  • Monitoring & alerting engine (trunk activity, CDR flow monitoring, call volume, duration and cost based alerts)

GSM Call Accounting

Resource Utilization Analysis

Advanced System Management Tools

Enterprise Edition


Call Quality Monitoring

  • Business Edition features
  • Failed Calls Detection, reports and alerts (abounded, missed, rejected, resource unavailability, voice network and telecom related problems)
  • Personal call detection and management
  • Fraud detection (call volume, call cost, call duration, call originator and call destination based alerts)
  • Relationship analysis with external companies (partners, vendors, customers, etc.)
  • Call traffic analysis for users and user groups
  • Network Operation Center (NOC) real-time dashboards
  • Attach note to a call

Fraud Detection System

VoIP Network Cost Saving Analysis

Customer Relationship Intelligence