Creating Favorite Reports

When generating a report, users may want to save the report for future use. They can access this tool through Add to Favorite Reports link under Reporting CenterControl Panel toolbox 

Using this tool, users can create a shortcut report for any report and make it enabled for themselves or all users by setting Common Report check-box. For example, you may want to enable the "Missed Calls" report and provide the access to all department managers. When they run the same report, each department manager will see the "Missed Calls" related to their department only. All other users will see the information related to them only.

It is possible to set other filtering parameters from the Favorite Reports screen such as call direction (outgoing, incoming), call type (personal call, business call), etc.

Once a Favorite Report is created it is displayed under Personal Assistant tab > Favorite Reports section. It can also be accessed through Topside toolbox > Report Shortcuts link as shown below