How to Enable Voucher Login on Splash Portal?


Voucher Login (Access Code or PIN Code) option are used to provide secure Wi-Fi authentication through IPERA Splash Portal. 

Usage of Voucher Login:

Vouchers can be used to provide premium Wi-Fi with higher bandwidth or longer duration. It can be linked to paid or free Wi-Fi service policies. 


  • Hotels & Hospitals: Premium Wi-Fi service for VIP visitors
  • Convention Centers: Voucher with Shared code for event attendees
  • Cafes and Restaurants: Premium Wi-Fi service for VIP customers
  • Airports: Premium Wi-Fi service for first class or business class passengers


Generate Access Codes:

See the Generate Wi-Fi Access Codes article


Enable Voucher Login in Splash Page

To see the list of splash pages, select Internet > Splash Pages.

Open the splash page that voucher login needs to be added.

In the HTML tab, take the cursor to the place where the voucher login needs to be added and click on the Login Form from the list of shortcodes which is on the right-hand side of the page.


After adding the Login Form, it can be customized through the Login Form options. Click on the icon to get the Login Form options. Enable the necessary fields for the voucher login and click on close.

Click on the  button to save the splash page after configuring the Login Form.