Triggered Campaigns


Triggered Campaigns (Proximity Marketing) is a feature that allows to set up campaigns that are triggered based on end-users interaction with the venue. Campaigns are triggered and sent through e-mail, SMS or push notification (required mobile app) based on the action performed by an end-user.


To check the list of Triggered Campaigns, select Engage > Triggered Campaigns.

Click on to get the following options for the existing triggered campaigns 

  • Edit: Edit the selected campaign 
  • Performance: Check the performance of the campaign 
  • Publish/Unpublish: Publish if the campaign is not published to be active or unpublish to deactivate the campaign
  • Delete: Delete the campaign permanently


To add new Triggered Campaign, click  on the right side of the page



  • Title: Name of the Campaign
  • Running Dates: Start date and end date of the campaign
  • Trigger: Action that needs to be triggered. Detect feature works when Location Analytics feature is implemented. In Hospitality mode, Check-in and Check-out triggers can also be selected
  • Delay (mins): Time interval that system need to wait before sending the message
  • Status: Status of the Campaign (draft, published or closed)



Parameter Type:  “Visit Based” or “Date/Time Based”

Visit Based: Campaign is triggered based on the number of visits

Date/Time Based: Campaign is triggered based on selected days and times

Frequency: How often the campaign will be triggered

Locations: When customer is seen in this location

Guest Segment: Campaign is sent to the selected guest segment

Gender: Campaign is sent to the selected guest gender

Age: Campaign is sent to the selected age range

Nationality: Campaign is sent to the selected guest nationality 



Campaigns are sent to end-users based on their preferred language. The default campaign message is delivered in the English language. Language option allows communicating with end-users through their preferred language if you have enabled multiple languages on Splash Pages.

Select your communication channel (s) including SMS, Email and Push Notification. Push Notification option works for those customers that have implemented the Starling Mobile App SDK in their Mobile App.

You may change the order of the communication channel. If SMS is the priority communication channel for this campaign, then any customer that has mobile number record in Guest database will receive SMS message rather than an E-mail message

Finally, once it is all set, click the Save button to save your campaign 

Campaign SMTP Settings

Click  mceclip2.png  button in the email section under the communication to define SMTP settings for E-mail communication.

Performance of the Triggered Campaigns

To check the performance of the triggered campaign select Performance option from the options menu of the campaign.

  • Communication Channel: Communication media that has been used to send messages (SMS/Email/Push Notifications)
  • Count: Number of messages that have been sent