Manage Devices


All Access Points and LAN controllers need to be added to the Devices.     

To manage devices, select Organization > Devices menu

Add a New Device

To add a new device, click the add  button.


  • Location: Select the Location for that device
  • Building: Select the Building for that device
  • Floor: Select the Floor for that device
  • Name: A name for the device for your reference
  • Description: Define description
  • MAC Address: Device MAC address
  • Device Model: The mode of the device

Import List of Devices 

To do the bulk import click on the  button. 

Click on Click here to download sample file to download the sample Excel file format that can be imported. Fill the columns as per the sample Excel file and click on Choose File to select the file to import. Click on the Import button to import the data from Excel file to the system.