Service Profiles

Service Profiles are policies that applied to your Guest WiFi platform in terms of bandwidth and duration. Service profiles can be defined as Free of Charge or Paid

To manage Service Profiles, select Internet > Service Profiles menu.

Add Service Profile

Click the add  button.

  • Name: The name of the Service Profile for your reference
  • Description: The description of the Service Profile
  • Duration: The duration for the Internet service in minutes, hours and days
  • Type: Determines the type and frequency of the permission to use Internet service
    • Recurring: Guest will need to wait for a certain time to use the service again. If the time is set as ZERO, then Guests can reconnect immediately
    • One Time: Any device can connect use the Internet service only a single time. This may be applicable to events, meeting rooms, etc.
    • Unrestricted: Guest can use this service profile any time with no restriction.
  • Model: Whether service is free or paid
  • Expiry Date: The expiry date of this Service Profile
  • Service PIN: If service PIN is required to use the service
  • Status: If this service profile is activated