Locations (Venues & Zones)

To manage Locations, select Organization > Locations menu

The location list appears.

IPERA WiFi Analytics has flexibility to deliver multiple splash portals and marketing messages to your Guests based on where they are in terms of Venues and Zones. A Venue can be a building (Shopping Mall, Restaurant) and it may have multiple Zones attached (example: food court, fashion district, kids play area, cinema, etc.)


Adding Venues or Zones

To add a venue, click on the  button on the far right top corner; the following form appear.


General Tab

Enter the venue details and click save button

  • Name: Venue or zones’ name
  • Description: Venue or zones’ description (optional)
  • Pre-Login Page: Splash portal / web page that will be displayed on the guest device before successfully connect to the Wi-Fi system
  • Post-Login Page: Splash portal / web page that will be displayed on the guest device after successfully connect to the Wi-Fi system
  • Service profile: To choose from the available service profiles the one to be used for that venue or zone
  • SMS Provider: SMS provider that will be used for this venue / zone in case SMS-based login is enabled
  • Smart Login: Is a feature that enable to the guests to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi without going through the login process.
  • Post Login URL: URL for the page appears after successful login, instead of the Post-Login Page (optional)

Default: To make this venue the default one, in case of editing a zone to make it the default for that venue (In case we are assigning a device for the venue the default zone setting will be used like post login page)


Terms & Conditions Tab

Manage legal terms and conditions that will appear to Wi-Fi guests on your splash portal. English terms and conditions are mandatory. If terms and conditions in other languages are not defined, the system will display English version.

When editing a zone, the default venue terms and conditions will be used by default unless you choose to write another.


To update a venue or zone click the name you want to edit and update the field as in adding new venue or zone.


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